ASELSI is a Christian mission organization located in the mountains of Chichicastenango, Guatemala in Central America and has two main ministries:

1. Training and Equipping local pastors in an area where there are no resources for basic and continued pastoral and theological education. Pastors and local leaders attend classes at the facility in Chichicastenango (ILIO) or at one of the many training extension locations in Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, and the United States (IBEX).

2. The Father’s Heart Clinic provides desperately needed medical care and ongoing education for the local native Indian people. This includes a milk program for the many hundreds of malnourished children in the area, a physical therapy program, weekly medical clinics, and a special needs school.

Click here to watch an informational video about ASELSI.  Click here to visit the ASELSI’s website.


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  1. Doreen Egerer says:

    I am a registered nurse looking to do full time ministry work. Can you direct me to available resources?

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