EBA College level classes: Equipping the Saints!

It’s hard work for all of us but I want to tell you that I see fruits when I interact with our higher level students! The following are comments I have heard from the mouth of our undergraduate students:

” I was reading a book written by Martin Luther, and told my wife, now I understand why he got kicked out of the Church in his time, he was very firm with his words about the priests.”

” I studied about Presbyterianism , and in everything I read , I was left wondering how exactly we got the Bible , and I want to investigate this. Also because my husband is investigating liberation theology, he told me that this theology believes that the book of Exodus was written in the time of Ezra , is it that true? ”

” I get to investigate liberation theology andI love it! There is much truth in it, but I am still studying the points for and against this theology. ”

In the library, students ask for higher level books than they ever asked for before .

” Marieta , I read a lot about the gifts of the Spirit , but do you have a book that explains the point of view that the gifts ended after the first century ? ”

” Do you have books on predestination ? ”

“Do you have a book that explains whether or not a Christian can lose his salvation? ”

I know that much knowledge does not necessarily make us holy, but I am convinced that these students will be better prepared in their ministries for everything they learn. This will also affect all the people around them , because many of them are leaders, teachers or pastors . Let’s continue with the work, equipping the saints so that they can equip others !

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