ImageJohn Keats wrote, “touch has a memory”.   If that’s true the people of the town of Chinique, Guatemala will never forget the way the mission team from New Life Church touched their lives this past week.

ImageMission teams coming to Guatemala tend to do one of two things.  They either stand back and observe the people, the suffering, the pain or they draw closer.  The eight members of the New Life team drew so close they could touch it.

ImageThey touched an old couple who live on less than two dollars a day with a basket of food and heartfelt prayers.

ImageThey touched a little boy who couldn’t believe a group of strangers would bring his family a bunch of chickens so they would have eggs to eat.

ImageThey touched a family with their wiliness to build them a place to sleep.

ImageThey touched a young man recovering from a gunshot wound.

ImageThey touched the town of Chinique in so many ways. They touched with their voices, with their hands, and most importantly with the love of God.

They touched so many lives in so many places but as an author once wrote, “if I could touch anything in the world, it would be your heart”. Image


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