ImageSomeone once said, “I want a relationship to be you’re telling me you love me is just a ceremonious validation of what you already show me”.  During the past several years the Oakbrook Church mission team has been showing its love to the people of Sacapulas, Guatemala.  This year the mission team joined forces with their friends from Sacapulas to show their love to the people of Balanya.

  Image They visited a local school and shared the gospel.

  Image They encouraged the teachers at the school to continue their efforts to educate the children.

  Image They visited the homes of some single parents and shared the gospel along with a basket of food.

  Image They worked with Pastor Raul, his beautiful family, and the people of his church to make a difference in the lives of the people in their village.

  Image They even painted a sign next to a cornfield to remind those entering and leaving the town that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

  Image But mostly they just walked and they talked or should I say they listened.  They listened as so many people told them their stories of divorce, poverty, sickness, and death.  Not an easy week by any means but Oakbrook has learned over the years,  forming relationships isn’t easy.  It’s painful.  It’s difficult.  But at at the same time it’s so rewarding when people truly share with one another.

  Image Like one missionary put it, “our wounds are often openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”  Thank you Oakbrook for being a beautiful part of us.Image



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