ImageIt all started with a boy and an elephant.  The boy was in ASELSI’s Jesus’ Little Lambs Center while the elephant was in a book.  “Are elephants real or they only in books” was the little boy’s question.  That innocent question caused a ripple effect.


It was time to “map” out a strategy.  The staff at the center took it upon themselves to make sure the special needs children who come to ASELSI each week come face to face with one of God’s marvelous creations.


You might say it was time to “stick their necks out” and make it happen.  The logistics were challenging.  Could twenty- three physically and or mentally challenged children, their mothers, and the ASELSI teachers make a three hour bus ride to the Guatemala City zoo?


To answer that question the Jesus’ Little Lambs Center staff decided to take a closer look.  So on an off-day these hearty soles volunteered their time and headed to the capitol where they were treated to a day full of animal watching.


While checking out the zoo some of the teachers, who had never seen some of the animals themselves, could only imagine how excited the boys and girls will be if and  when they get their chance.


Ok I can’t “bear” to keep the secret any longer.  The twenty- three special needs children and their mothers WILL get their chance.



No I’m not lion.  On July 17th the kids, the moms, the teachers and members of a mission team from The Crossing of Columbia, Missouri will climb aboard a couple of buses and take a very special field trip.  Once again God has supplied the needs.


On July 17th a little boy’s question will be answered.  Yes elephants are real and so is God’s love for us.  We see it so many times and in so many ways here in Guatemala.  To all of you who support ASELSI with your prayers and your finances, thank you for “keepin’ it real”.



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