Dear Mom,  Ok so its not quite Mother’s Day but don’t tell that to the people of Guatemala.  It seems they are having a three day celebration for all the moms so we thought we’d be Guatemalan and send this card along a little early.Image

We’ve thought about you a lot during this week since most of us learned our tender touch from you.  We’ve used that touch many times this week as we’ve treated hundreds of people during our medical mission trip.


ImageOur first stop was in the town of Chacaguex.  There we were met by a group of workers from a local church who helped us treat more than 130 sick and suffering people.


The next day we carried our supplies up a dirt road to a two-room schoolhouse in the town of Chupacay.  Our team was kept very busy treating another 85 patients.


Even though we called ourselves a medical team we also had time to share our faith with hundreds of children and build roofs and stoves for a couple of very poor families.

ImageOh yeah as you’ve probably “herd” Imagewe also built a chicken coop for a family living in the country.  It was just our way of “bringing home the bacon”.Image

We finished off the week treating another 135 patients at ASELSI’s Father’s Heart Clinic.

It was a wonderful week for all 25 of us.  Not an easy week to be sure but a week in which we felt the presence of God as he worked through us.  Image  Thanks Mom for teaching us to see the beauty in His creationImage and in the lives of the people He created.

All our Love,

The World Outreach Team



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