Hi, the name’s Henry, you don’t know me but I know you.  You’re the reason my dad and mom dragged me out of a nice warm bed for a trip to ASELSI.  


It was there we had the “official” dedication of the brand new Father’s Heart Clinic.  Ok, so its not brand new. They’ve been taking care of friends of mine here since last August.  Lots of friends, in fact, more than fifteen thousand of them. Image Lots of them were here today as we listened to a bunch of grownups talk about how God used so many of you so that we could have this beautiful clinic.  By the way, I may look bored in this picture but actually the speeches were quite interesting. Image I especially liked the ones about the Milk Program and the physical therapy program. Image Anyway, after the smoke had cleared the doors were opened to the seven thousand square foot building. Image A building that treats so many sick people each and every day.  A building you built with your dollars and your prayers.  Let me add one final word, a word my mom and dad asked me to you for helping me have my healthy body and my fat little cheeks.  OK  here it comes, read my lips,Image“thank you”.  (Ok so that’s two words, I’m only seven months old I can’t count yet).




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