Image   Imagine for a moment you are the mother of a special needs child living in the mountains of Guatemala.  Imagine you are being told by family and friends that there is no hope for your child and that its better to keep your child hidden away in the darkness of your adobe home.  Now imagine somewhere tells you about a place where your child can be helped AND you can find relief.


     It was a dream of Sharon Harvey to start a workshop for the mothers of special needs children attending ASELSI’s “Jesus’ Little Lambs Center”.  That dream came true two years ago with the formation of a group called “Chichi Blossoms”.  A catchy title coming from the location of the center and the fact that the mothers were making flowers out of material from used clothes to sell at the local market.


     A lot has happened during the past two years for this program completely independent from ASELSI.  You might say the Chichi Blossoms have blossomed.  There are more mothers getting their children to school on-time and then walking into the room next door and working at a “fair trade” rate.  Four local “gardeners” have been added to make sure the ladies have what they need to keep the flowers growing.  Ok that’s another change, the flowers have been replaced by better selling bracelets and Christmas ornaments made from traditional clothing.  Yes the flowers are gone but the Blossoms continue to thrive.


     An author once wrote, “where flowers bloom, so does hope”.  The hope the Chichi Blossoms are finding does not come from a weekly paycheck, it does not come from selling their wares to the mission teams visiting ASELSI, hope comes from God.  It comes from the daily prayer they have together at the beginning of each work day.  It comes from the realization that despite the “dark moments”, God is still with them and their children.  It comes from “blossoming spiritually”.  Please pray for these mothers and if you know of a market where the Blossoms can sell their crafts you can contact them at:



“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone but also in the flowers”   Martin Luther



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