“It’s a lot like learning to ride a bicycle”, that’s how one team member described setting up a medical clinic, “once you learn you never forget how”.  The medical team from the University of Missouri certainly has perfected the art during the past several years while working with ASELSI.


This past week that wealth of experience was put to the test.  The twenty-two members of the team set up and tore down three different clinics in three different locations.


On Monday the team was greeted with “open arms” in the town of Momostenango.  During a very busy nine-hour day, the team was able to treat more than one hundred twenty patients not to mention putting up a new roof for two local families.Image  Somehow during that hectic day Andreas found time to ride some kid’s bicycle.  I guess that makes Andreas the “spokes”person for the team?


After a short night’s rest, the team set up the next clinic in the town of Pologua.  What started off as a slow day quickly turned into an extremely busy one, almost two hundred people were treated by the men and women from Missouri.Image  Of course during that wild day another couple of families were treated to new roofs courtesy of the team.


Chuicha was the next destination for the “meds from Mizzou”.  Wednesday was only a half-day clinic but they still found time to treat another sixty patients.


During a crazy three-day period almost four hundred Guatemalan men, women, and children were treated; but the numbers don’t really tell the story.  The past three days was a story about a group of young men and women from Missouri who sacrificed their time, their money, and their spring break to make a difference.  It was a story about a bunch of current and future doctors who not only shared their medical talents but also their hearts, their love for God, and many of their tears with the people of Guatemala.



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  1. Joan Covington says:

    This was awesome. The team ministered, yes, but these young people were treated as well to special blessings from our Lord because of their willingness to be a part of this ministry.
    Grandmother to Steven Propst, 1st yr. med student at Mizzou
    Joan Covington

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