Image     Like a bunch of caged animals the mission team from Oral Roberts University unleashed their fury on the boys and girls of the Belen School near Chichi.  Ok that might be overstating things a bit.  Anyway for a couple of hours, nine American college students shared their talents and their love for Jesus with 150 school kids from Chulumal, Guatemala.


Testimonies, songs, games, were all part of the program and as you can see, the kids certainly got a kick out of it.


The team from ORU is spending a week at ASELSI ministering to people and from the moment their “boots hit the ground” in Guatemala they’ve “been on a roll” (pun intended).


Thank you ORU for sending these incredibly passionate and talented men and women to us.  They have certainly touched many lives.


Spring break, are you kidding?  I thought the idea of spring break was to get out of the classroom.  Not for this group.  They decided to head back in.

There are 150 Guatemalan children who are very happy they did.


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