Image  The vision of ASELSI has always been one of “equipping the saints”.   Simply put, to train Guatemalans to help Guatemalans with their spiritual and physical needs.

Here we have the perfect example.


     Twelve years ago Dr. Jim Gamble of Columbia, Missouri was asked by a friend to visit AELSI for a week and help the Father’s Heart Clinic with eye examinations.  “Dr. Jim” wasn’t too sure he was the man for the job.  Jim said he wasn’t the kind of guy who could help as many as he could for a week and then “drive off with so many more needing help”.


     He decided to come on one condition, that he be allowed to set up a program to help people in need and to train Guatemalans to run that program.   Here we have the continuation of that program.  Using new equipment he just had sent from the States, Dr. Jim is spending this week training the clinic staff as to how they can use that equipment. 


     Equipping the saints.  It has been and will always be the vision of ASELSI.  Dr. Jim Gamble “gets it”.   You might say he has a clear vision of the vision but then again what’d you expect from an optometrist.   A big thank you to Dr. Jim, his wife Anita, and their friends David and Jean Neely for all the work they’re doing this week in Chichi.  And of course another thank you to all of you who keep alive the vision of ASELSI with your prayers and support.


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