An old Irish proverb says, “your feet will take you to where your heart is”.   In other words, getting to the “heart” of things begins with the feet.  That certainly was the case at ASELSI’s Father’s Heart Clinic.



     A couple of times a year the children attending the milk program are given an extra treat and walk away, or should I say carried away, with a brand new pair of shoes.  Of course first things first, washing those feet.   The mission team from Old Town happily supplied the hands to do the washing. Image The moms were more than happy to supply the feet.  But what about the shoes? Image The shoes of course came from you.  A pair at a time, dozens at a time, sent throughout the year from people who care about the children of Guatemala.



    We would like to thank each of you individually but space doesn’t allow.  Lets just put it this way, “if the shoe fits, wear it” and just know your generosity has made a difference.  


     Finding the appropriate words to end this blog was quite a “feat” but here goes….




The pitter patter of little feet


Leave behind something dear and sweet,


A precious treasure for us to keep


The memories of your little feet.





God bless you.







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