Thomas Edison once said, “We often miss opportunity because its dressed in overalls and looks like work”.   For the past seven days, no opportunities were missed by the 12 member mission team from The Crossing of Columbia, Missouri.


Their nickname, “The Dirty Dozen” was well earned.

     They earned it putting a new roof on the home of Manuel and Micaela.   They earned it building a stove for Juana and her children, Beverly and Edwin.  They earned it planting flowers in front of the Jesus’ Little Lambs Center.


      Because of their efforts and sacrifice, Manuel and Micaela will sleep in a dry bed.  Juana, Beverly, and their mom will be eating hot meals.  The special needs children who attend the center will have the beauty of God’s creation greet them every morning.


     Make no mistake, it was an exhausting week for “The Dirty Dozen” but at the same time the opportunity of a lifetime.  As one member put it, “it was as if a light bulb went on inside my head,  I can make a difference in this world”.  Light bulb, huh,  Thomas Edison would be so proud.  The entire ASELSI staff is very proud of our friends from The Crossing.  Thank you so very much.




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