Image  Dr. Seuss once wrote, “How did it get so late so soon?”  John and Sharon Harvey were wondering exactly that while watching a slide show highlighting their 20 years in Guatemala.

    Image In January of 1993 John, Sharon, and their daughter Joy packed up the car and headed south from Columbia, Missouri.  Despite a few bumps in the road, the Harveys arrived in Guatemala and have never looked back.  Ok that’s not quite right, they looked back at ASELSI as twenty years flashed across the screen.  They looked back at the first time John spoke without a translator to a group of local pastors.  They looked back at the numerous “home visits” they paid to the impoverished people of Chichicastenango.  They looked back at the smiling faces of the first Milk Program graduation class.  They looked back at the opening of the new Father’s Heart Clinic.

     Image It was quite a celebration at ASELSI for the Harvey’s 20 year anniversary.  By the way, for the record, there are gifts for such an occasion.  The traditional gift for the 20th is china.  The “modern” gift is platinum.   China is symbolic of beauty, elegance, the delicate part of a relationship.  Platinum represents strength and endurance.

All words that aptly describe John and Sharon’s love affair with the people of Guatemala.

     Happy anniversary John and Sharon and may God continue to bless.




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