Outside it was nothing but grey skies and drizzle but inside, as you can see, it was all sunshine.

   Today was opening day for ASELSI’s “Little Lambs Center”.  Remember that first day back to class?  A day full of new shoes (and some not so new), new hopes, and new faces.  This will certainly be the case at the center this year as we welcome several new special needs students.  New faces to be sure, but our 23 students will be tackling some of the “old” subjects.   Reading, writing and yes “rithmetic” but no hickory sticks unless they are part of a science experiment or a prop for a Bible story.

     Each student spends four hours a week in the center, which is four hours more than most special needs students in Guatemala.  Often children with special needs aren’t allowed in public schools so coming to the center is a wonderful opportunity.   It’s an opportunity thanks to you, the supporters of ASELSI, who make all this possible.  Ok got to go, time for recess.



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