Mike McComb and Jose’ Perez were in Mexico for the graduation of the ASELSI EBA extension in Paso Hondo which is located about 15 kms. from Pacayal. The graduation ceremony was held at Daniel Ruiz´new church building in Pacayal. Pacayal is located in the state of Chiapas just across the border from Guatemala.

Six students graduated from our basic level program and all of them are involved in leading cell groups that are a part of the Luz a las Naciones (Light to the Nations) church that Daniel pastors. Daniel says that he has 20 active cell groups that make up his church and that anyone who wants to lead a cell must be an ASELSI graduate. We are joyfully partnering with him to extend the Kingdom of God in the Mexican states of Chiapas and Tabasco.

Please pray for Mexico that the violence will end and that peace will be restored to this war-torn nation.

Pictured are the graduates, ASELSI Guatemalan and Mexican staff, and 3 people who accepted Christ during the services that weekend in Pacayal.


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