This week Mike McComb drove 11 hours one way from Guatemala City to Saquixpek, Quiché Department in the “Zona Reina” of Guatemala. The Zona Reina is a huge geographical area that covers a “green zone” (green because on most maps there is nothing there except the color green) with Coban on the east, Uspantán to the south, the Ixcán to the north and Barillas, Huehuetenango to the west, where in fact there are over 150 villages and many church leaders without any type of theological or Biblical training.

ASELSI has a Bible Institute extension operating in the heart of the Zona Reina in the village of Saquixpek (which means “sharp rocks” in the local Mayan language) and 15 students graduated from there this week. This was the first graduation of its kind in the area where many denominations have tried to train pastors but have failed to do so because of the isolated conditions and terrible roads leading into the area.

This area was also one of the hardest hit during the Guatemalan civil war and the majority of the population continues to suffer in terrible poverty. Many of our students walk for miles in order to attend classes that our regional coordinator, Cristobal Us teaches in Uspanteco, Quiché or Spanish depending on his student´s needs.

This week was a huge triumph for the local church and her leaders in this very needy part of Guatemala and we will continue to work hard to see that many rural pastors get the training they need to spread the Gospel to every corner of the Zona Reina and beyond!

In the pictures are Augusto Chen Paul, our star student with the best grades who pastors the “Christian Life” church in the village of “Milk Creek” (Aroyo Leche) 2 hours away from Saquixpek, and the students on their knees giving thanks to God for their graduation.


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