Cindy, Ana, and Rosa

Our women’s project for the families of the special needs children is called “Chichi’s Blossoms”.  While the children are learning their letters and numbers, their family members create beautiful flowers to wear on a jacket, blouse, hat, in one’s hair, or on a purse.  The flowers are made from used traditional skirt fabric, and each one is a unique design.  But our goal for this project is beyond just producing a “blossom”.  We hope to see each woman “blossom” as they create something worthwhile and earn some extra income for their families.  Parents of special needs in developed countries like the US often have to overcome great obstacles to obtain education and services for their children.  Imagine how much more difficult things are for these families in Chichi, where there are very few, if any services for their children.  Almost 1/3 of the mothers of the special needs children who attend classes at Jesus’ Little Lambs Center are illiterate, and only speak their indigenous Mayan language Quiché.  In order to help our moms “blossom” we have been blessed with the help of 3 local women.  Rosa, Ana and Carmen are women of faith from nearby churches, who have children of their own, and speak Quiché.  They are able to share and pray with the moms in their heart language as they work.  It is our desire that faith, as well as flowers, will “blossom” as a result of this time spent together.  Our other “blossom” is Carmen, a university student from Chichi, who is learning to manage the project while studying business administration.

If you would like to support this project by selling our products to your church or friends, please contact us at

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