The young folks who come on Friday to our Center, Jesus’ Little Lambs, are some of our oldest and brightest.  Each week they receive a science lesson as part of their curriculum.  One week, Daniel, age 10 with muscular dystrophy was being a read a book that included circus elephants.  He looked at the pictures and asked, “But, are these real animals?”  Maybe the costumes on the elephants confused him, but he has never been to a zoo before and wasn’t sure.  I happened to have cut out some pictures from the newspaper taken at the Guatemala City zoo which included elephants, and showed him them.  He asked me where I got these pictures, so I gave them to him to take home.  He now knows that elephants exist and can be seen in the Guatemalan zoo.   In this picture, Daniel constructed on his own, a well-designed replica of an elephant, with pipe cleaners.  One of our dreams is to some day take all the students to the capital to visit the zoo. 

Another science lesson was on the concepts full, half-full and empty.  This was easy for the Friday students.  They also learned how the light of the moon can be full, half-full or empty.  In this picture Daniel is quizzing Evelyn Lucila, age 8, about the light of the moon.  Evelyn Lucila learned to walk a few years ago at ASELSI’s center for “therapy”.  Both Daniel and Evelyn Lucila are eager to learn about their world, their God, and each other, which is happening every week at ASELSI, thanks to your support. 


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