A testimony from Carlos (Director of the EBA program at ASELSI, Chichicastenango, Guatemala)

In this picture we have Pastor Carlos from Guatemala, his wife Dina, and Pastor Kyle from the U.S.

Dina is one of our new students at the ASELSI Bible Institute (EBA).  Her native language is Quiché and her second language is Spanish.  She and her husband have a small church, a Christian bookstore, and a radio program on a secular radio station in Quiché.

The other day Dina shared with us how she is evangelizing and giving Christian counseling to the people that come to the bookstore to look for answers to daily life problems.  She has been able to put into practice what she has been learning at the ASELSI Bible Institute (EBA).  She said, “Before I came to school, I did not know how to share my faith with others, but now I know how to evangelize and how important it is to share Jesus with unbelievers.  I feel confident to the degree that my husband invited me to speak on a secular radio station to share the gospel live… and I did it!  The Bible training I am gaining at ASELSI is changing my life, and I will be able to reach many people for Christ.”

Want to be a part of what is happening in the lives of the people in Guatemala?  Help us train pastors and leaders through our Matching Grant Campaign. 


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