Gladys rides a “bike” as her mom and teachers watch

Here is a testimony from one of our missionaries, B.J.:

I am a 60 year old Pittsburgher serving as a teacher at Jesus’ Little Lamb’s school for special needs youth.   Friday’s class has 6 participants, including one girl age 10 who does not talk and another young lady in her 20’s who is mentally retarded, which also hinders  her physical coordination.

At snack time, the mother’s leave their sewing project and are with their children/young adults while they eat a nutritious snack.   The grandmother of the 10 year old was feeding her petite granddaughter pineapple with a spoon.  The mother of the 20 year old asked, “Can your daughter feed herself?”  “Yes,” she answered.  “Then she should be feeding herself.  Because all that she can do by herself will help her and your family.”  The grandmother gave her granddaughter the pineapple and the spoon and her granddaughter fed herself.

Andrea and her grandmother smile as they watch Gladys bike around!

There were a few pieces lost to the floor–but she did it herself.   The mother of the older girl said, “It used to be that our daughter could not feed herself or dress herself or tie her shoes or work in the kitchen, but she has learned how to do it.”  Her 22 year old daughter then recounted the story of how once she set out to cut up tomatoes and onions for a meal, but she cut them into very, very big pieces.  Both moms had a good laugh over this because in Chichicastenango, onions and tomatoes are always chopped very finely to go into a pot.  Her daughter has since improved her chopping skills. The time the parents and children spend together is valuable as they encourage and challenge each other.

I consider it a privilege to be able to be a part of the lives of the youth and their parents at ASELSI.  God is strengthening all of us for the challenges of life.


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