Here is an update from Carlos and Emily, a missionary couple that works at ASELSI:

In the last few months, we have continued to be faithful in the work God has for us.  Carlos continues teaching and directing the EBA program at Chichicastenango (Estudios Bíblicos ASELSI/Biblical Studies ASELSI).  We have 20 students from different churches and denominations that come every Saturday in a two-year program to study from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  This is a formal Biblical education that will allow the students to be prepared to become better ministers using this practical theology.

A few weeks ago, he went to preach in the mountains, almost two hours away from our house. Pastor Demetrio graduated from our ILIO program and now is the assistant pastor of Admirable Prince of Peace.   The service was a service of gratitude for the people from their village that had gone (most of them illegally) to the U.S.  As you can imagine, we really need to have wisdom concerning how to teach the Bible in a culture with extreme poverty and with all the implications surrounding these social problems of laws and lives.  To add more pressure to the occasion, the service was broadcast live in three radio stations and translated to Quiché (the local Mayan language), with 30 gigantic speakers that allowed the whole village to hear everything (whether or not they wanted to.)  Needless to say, the place was somewhat intimidating!  One boy had a laptop computer with a camera and was sending the video to the Mayans in the different states of the U.S.  As you can imagine the opportunity to get people saved and strengthened is something we can take advantage in our technological days.  Praise be to God, as Carlos opened the Word of God, His Spirit touched many lives in Guatemala and in the U.S!  As we drove home, people that heard the message through the radio called for prayer, and it was obvious that God’s Word never returns void!

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