ASELSI (ASSOCIATION OF EQUIPPING THE SAINTS INTERNATIONAL) has extension training centers in the five nations represented where students are learning to study the Bible and apply what they learn in their homes and ministries. Students can go from a basic elementary level all the way through an Associate’s Degree. In 2013 ASELSI plans to open a Bachelor’s Degree Program. 

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ASELSI‘s annual Leadership Conference was a rousing success.  Over 400 pastors and church leaders from Guatemala, Mexico, the U.S., Venezuela, and Ecuador (mainly alumni of ASELSI’s Bible training programs) were part of this two-day event that focused on preparing attendees for spiritual warfare.

ASELSI founder John Harvey emphasized that Christians are in a spiritual battle and not only recognizing this but taking action is vital.  “Every year we invite all our students to come to Chichicastenango, to hear teaching they normally wouldn’t hear from great teachers who have been proven throughout the years.” Harvey said.  The diversity of cultures, languages and denominations who attend is quite varied. Harvey said this is something that he really enjoys seeing as many Christians of different backgrounds join together to grow, learn and take what they learn back to their communities.

During the conference, a lively worship band led the crowd in songs and many responded for prayer following the main speaking sessions.

When the crowds began arriving early Friday morning, the ASELSI campus was decorated to look like an encampment preparing for battle. The stage was set to look like the bulwarks for a great castle complete with towers, banners, shields and armor.

Workshops with speakers from various countries kept the message on target. Teachings focused on spiritual battle for family, church, youth and more.

“My heart’s desire is to raise the level of awareness that we are in a battle,” Harvey said. “We are indeed soldiers. We have the authority, and we need to use that authority in every area of our lives.” 

Felipe and his family traveled two and a half hours by bus to come to the conference from the town of Nebaj. “The conference is a great blessing for us. The times we’ve come here have been edifying for our lives.” Felipe said. “[The teachings from ASELSI] are useful for using with the [church] congregation.”


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