Pastor Samuel and his wife Melva teaching at the Conference

Dear ASELSI Staff and Supporters,

On April 20th and 21st we had 425 ASELSI students and staff in attendance at our annual conference in Chichicastenango.  Our theme this year was on Spiritual Warfare and many people were ministered to, delivered and healed.  Our conference speakers came from Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and the United States and each taught on different aspects of spiritual warfare.

At our coordinator´s meeting Friday at lunch we had 25 coordinators in attendance.  

At the first ASELSI EBA Leadership Summit, all of the regional coordinators from Guatemala reported on how they have opened extensions in their areas, and each of the national directors gave their five year plan for ASELSI in their respective countries.  Each one of them plans to expand the ministry of ASELSI in their country and open new ASELSI EBA extensions in other countries such as Argentina, Columbia and Ghana, West Africa.

Powerful testimonies were shared of how God is using ASELSI students around the world such as David in Mexico who was jailed for supposedly destroying an image of Saint Mary that appeared in a palm tree.  After spending a night in jail he was released on the condition of apologizing to Saint Mary and the local Catholic Church.  What resulted was a powerful sermon of the Gospel by David and an ensuing prayer and reconciliation meeting between Catholics and Protestants who have been at odds for years!  There has been much bloodshed between these two groups in Mexico but now God is using ASELSI students to bring peace in the area.  (The palm tree died two days after the powerful meeting of reconciliation!)


Women worshipping at the conference

The Leadership summit ended up with a fun trip to Panajachel for all and a powerful time of prayer.  We are all now going to work on making our 5 year plans a reality.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support of this ministry that is reaching the nations for Christ.  There is no better time than now to support the expansion of God’s Kingdom, since every dollar you give will be matched up to $20,000!  It is easy to give either online or via check:

Mike, International Director of Estudios Biblicos ASELSI


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