The reason we currently have forty-two children in our physical therapy program in Guatemala is thanks to the dedicated team of Guatemalan workers that serves them.  This is the first in several more blogs to come about the real heroes: the local trained therapists.  Here is Carolina’s story.

A PT patient in the loving arms of Carolina

Carolina arrived at church as normal, but the announcement she heard that day was anything but normal.  ASELSI, a local ministry in her town of Chichicastenango, planned to provide training for those interested in helping children with special needs.  The initial two-week training challenged her, but she attended faithfully and learned as much as she could.  Her persistence and efforts paid off when she was given the opportunity to work with the children and families in the physical therapy program at ASELSI.  Today, she not only works with the children in therapy, but also in the general clinic, on medical team outreaches, with the adults in physical therapy, and is now learning the skills to work in the lab.

Carolina’s experiences have not only increased her understanding of physical therapy and other medical practices, but also her walking and living out spiritual truths. Carolina loves seeing the changes in her patients, but also enjoys the challenges and struggles of those that are more affected and change is harder to see or slower in coming.  Carolina says, “Working with ASELSI has blessed me in all areas of my life: spiritually, socially, emotionally, and economically.”


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