Dear ASELSI Friends,

Gaspar Velasquez is a student of ours in our Bible study extension center in Aguacatan, Huehuetenango which is about 2 hours north of Chichicastenango. Gaspar is a Chalchiteco Mayan and four years ago he was sick, in debt and caught in a vicious cycle of poverty. He had consulted with 12 witchdoctors to try to get well and was living in a dirt-floor shack when our local ASELSI coordinator, Carlos Samayoa visited him and led him to Christ. Since becoming a believer he has been healed physically, began to farm some local property and has gotten himself out of debt and built a new house! He is studying with us now to learn how to minister and is going around to different Guatemalan towns sharing his powerful testimony.

I took this picture of him (on far right) in Quetzaltenango at the Cielos Abiertos (Open Heavens) church where he preached and gave an offering of a box of tomatoes and a box of chile peppers that he had grown on his land. ASELSI is changing lives and transforming communities in the rural areas of Guatemala!

Mike, International Director of Biblical Studies ASELSI

Remember that our Matching Grant for Biblical Studies is still going on!  Get involved in helping people like Gaspar:


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