Dear ASELSI Supporters,

Last week I was working with a team from the USA in the remote village of Amajchel (an 8 hour drive from Chichicastenango) in northern Chajul where ASELSI had a Bible study extension center five years ago.  An ASELSI graduate, Tomas Raymundo (last on right in picture), is now the district supervisor for the Church of God in the area and is planting churches in three unchurched villages that are a 2 hour hike away from  Amajchel.  He told me, “I have a vision for planting a church in every village that doesn´t have one”.  ASELSI graduates are planting churches and reaching out to desperately needy people in the most remote areas of Latin America.  We are helping them by providing Biblical training in the areas of evangelism, discipleship and church planting techniques.

Thank you for making this a reality!

Mike, International Director of Bible Study Extensions


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