On January 6, five members of the Swenson family from Columbia Missouri, came to Chichicastenango to reconnect with their roots and to experience for themselves the ministry of ASELSI. Twenty-one-year-old Tomás Swenson is a native Guatemalan who was adopted by the Swenson family when he was eight years old. As part of the family visit to Guatemala, they traveled back over the dusty roads of Quiché to the town of San Andrés and to the children’s home where the Swenson’s first found Tomás.
Almost exactly 13 years ago,  John Swenson had traveled over the mountains with John Harvey to adopt the son he had never met.
During their visit as a family, the Swensons spent time connecting with staff and young adults who remembered Tomás. They also spent a lot of time playing with the new generation of children who are receiving care at the Hogar de Vida in San Andrés.
By the end of their week in Guatemala, the Swenson family will have helped with the ASELSI feeding program in Chichicastenango and with various projects to continue the ministry of ASELSI here in Guatemala.

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