Demi is five years old, but her life almost never started.  When Demi’s mother announced her pregnancy, her husband showed anger and rage rather than love.  He did not want to have any children.  He did everything he could to terminate the pregnancy, from beating Demi’s mother to making her drink a liquid in hopes of aborting the pregnancy, but it all failed.  Demi arrived October 15, 2006.  However, because of the abuse and attempts to terminate her life, she has severe cerebral palsy, with no active control of any of her movements.

Demi started physical therapy about a year after her birth.  The father would come along.  However he wasn’t concerned about his daughter’s welfare, but wanted to make sure his wife was really taking her to therapy.  The father’s distrust and anger finally overtook him.  A few years ago he kicked Demi and her mother out of the house, not even allowing her to get Demi’s clothes or diapers.  Thankfully, her in-laws were not in agreement with their son’s actions and have been helping provide for Demi and her mother’s needs.

A few years ago, we were able to send her to a neurologist for further evaluation and treatment.  Unfortunately, he only appeared to be using her, and the support she was getting from ASELSI, to make money for himself.  He would tell her about this medicine that would regrow her brain.  Of course it cost almost a $100 USD a month, more than her seizure medicines, and was only available through his office.  When I heard about it, I decided to investigate.  This medicine was nothing more than an overpriced vitamin and mineral supplement.  We refused to purchase the medicine, so he recommended something else and then refused to continue to provide the seizure medicine because she hadn’t had a medical test done.

A child already neglected by her father, was now being mistreated by the very medical system meant to help her.  How could this be?  It was a frustration to us.  Would another doctor help or would we encounter more of the same? Thanks to a recommendation from another ministry and a generous gift from a donor in the United States, Demi is going for a new neuro consult this month.  We are hoping he will provide her the medical help she needs, as we continue to provide the physical and spiritual help through the physical therapy program.


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