Check out this great interview with Cathy, our family nurse practitioner here at ASELSI:

Q. Do you feel at home in Guatemala? Did you think you would?

A. I have always felt at home here, from day one I knew God had called me to come and that He was with me and wouldn’t leave me. When I go to the states the cares of that world tend to weigh me down and I am always relieved when I get home.

Q. What has God been teaching you recently?

A. This year I can definitely say He has been teaching me to trust Him for my children and grandchildren. He is their provider, their protector and their God so I have had to turn each one of them over to God for Him to work in their lives. My granddaughter Eleanor was saved this August and my daughter now has a husband; things I couldn’t provide but He did.

Q. How have you seen God working at Aselsi?

A. We have had a rough year at Aselsi. One of the workers lost his son, but I have seen him come back from despair to serve a living God. Another worker at ASELSI just celebrated the anniversary of a cancer diagnoses and he is running hard after God.

Q. What would you tell someone who may feel a calling to missions?

A. Just do it! If I can come at 58 years old you can come no matter what you think is holding you back.


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  1. Evelyn Brown says:

    Cathy, you are looking younger than ever!!! Have been keeping track of you through the ASELSI newletters and I’m so happy that you are working with John and Sharon (amazing and exceptional people)…I know you are a huge blessing to them and the people of Guatemala.
    I will continue to pray for you (and your family) and ASELSI. Hope to reconnect with you all again one day…Love and blessings, Evelyn Brown

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