Carlos and Emily Romero have been serving alongside Aselsi since January 2007. They have three kids; David is 11, Jonathan is 7, and Annalynne is 5.
Q. What do you love most about Guatemala?
Carlos: I like the temperature, the rain, and I love carne asada on Thursdays. I also love how open and simple the people are in regards to receiving spiritual impartation. The people of Guatemala are very kind. I love my wife and I love how my kids talk like Guatemalans.
Q. What does a typical day at Aselsi look like for you?
Carlos: Arrive at 8am. Sit at my desk. Check my e-mail and answer any important issues I need to deal with regarding the ministry. Grade papers of the Bible school (ILIO) students. Plan my week. Attend any important meetings I have. Make someone happy or mad.
Emily: I am a mom to 3 kids first and second an ASELSI worker. When the kids are out of school, I dedicate most of my time to keeping track of them. On Thursdays, I work in the milk program, and I also am in charge of organizing and distributing the items in the storage room which holds all donations of supplies which we receive.
Q. What has God been teaching you recently?
Carlos: That I am getting old and I need to take advantage of my time.

Q. What is the most challenging thing about having a family on the mission field?
Emily: Learning the language was not a problem for us as is it might be for some, because my children already knew Spanish when we moved here. What has been challenging has been coordinating our work and school schedules with trips to visit family and friends in the States and Mexico because the school year here runs from January through October.


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