For the next month, we will be posting interviews with our missionaries so you can get to know them and hear how God is working in their specific area of ministry. Jennifer has been working with ASELSI for 16 months. She is a physical therapist from Texas.

Q. What does a typical day at ASELSI look like for you?

A. I really do not have a typical day.  Monday I usually work with a local worker to treat adults with various orthopedic or neurologic problems. Tuesdays and Fridays I oversee the nine local workers we have trained to provide basic physical therapy services for children who would otherwise not receive any care. Wednesday I participate in the team devotional, I also do administrative work, a house visit, a team meeting, or I prepare for an upcoming training. Thursday is our general clinic day.  I work with one of our visiting orthopedic or prosthetic or with another clinic in the area.

Q. How have you seen God working at ASELSI?

A. In my mind there is no doubt God has been and is working at ASELSI.  I have seen how God has continued to provide for the things He has put on John and Sharon’s heart.  I have also seen God work through the new abilities the children in our therapy program are learning.   And I have seen God use our local therapy workers to share words with families that are timely and bring peace.

Q. What has God been teaching you recently?

A. First, the importance of seeking Him, just to know Him and not just to get an answer to a question or need I have or may have for someone else. And also, the importance of using godly principles and character in all situations no matter how large or small they may seem.

Q. What are the most challenging aspects of being on the mission field for you?

A. I think one of the most challenging aspects of being on the mission field is not only being aware of cultural difference but also identifying them.  We are so ingrained with biases, ideas, and ways of doing things; it is sometimes hard to realize others are looking at a situation the same way.  Then, once you are aware of these differences, determining how to use the information in an appropriate way.

(Thanks to Amanda for interviewing our missionaries!)


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