Ministry of Evangelism: Testimony of Maria, a Christian woman, the daughter of a Mayan priest.


Maria arrived with her parents to Chichicastenango on a Wednesday afternoon, looking for ASELSI to see if there was a place nearby where they could spend the night.  The next day, early in the morning, they would get up and get in line to get one of the first numbers to go to the clinic.  Her father was sick and needed medicine.

That night in the hotel, while they slept, Maria had a strange dream.  She dreamt that she was with her parents, standing in front of the door to enter ASELSI.  All of a sudden, two demons appeared, one on each side of the door, and they did not allow her father to enter, because he was a Mayan priest, and they said to her, “He cannot enter here.  We were sent to keep him from entering; it is not a good idea for him to go in.   You need to go home.”  But Maria had faith and with the authority of God she prayed and cast away the demons in the name of Jesus, y ordered them to get away from the door, because her father needed to go in so that he could go to the medical clinic.  The demons left, fleeing, and were thrown down the valley near ASELSI and Maria and her parents entered.

Maria's mother and father

The next day, they went to the medical clinic, and the team of evangelists at ASELSI prayed for and ministered to the family, especially the Mayan priest.  He was so thankful for the medical treatment, and the prayers, and he said that he really wanted to return again to ASELSI.

We know that ASELSI belongs to and works for the Kingdom of God, and the doors to ASELSI are like the doors to heaven, where there is always the presence and love of God for the people.  We always speak to each person about salvation and forgiveness of sins, which they receive through faith in Jesus, the Son of God.  We also know that the kingdom of darkness does not want to lose any more people, especially their leaders.  At ASELSI we battle against that darkness in the name of Jesus!  Thank you for battling with us with your faithful prayers!


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