Miguelito (pictured between Tomas and Ana Maria)

Miguel Ángel is known to many who have visited ASELSI.  He has served here for 13 years, and is currently the director of Maintenance.  He is married, the father of four daughters and a son, and is a grandfather.  He serves ASELSI and visiting teams in many ways.

Miguel will be visiting several churches in the US in September 2011.   He has a powerful testimony of God’s grace in his life.

If you would like to try and visit him, here is his schedule:

Wed, Sept. 21:  Tour Greentree Church, Children’s service in the evening

Thurs, Sept. 22:  Tour Philadelphia, attend Phillies game

Fri, Sept. 23:  Tour of Ocean City, Meet with The Dental Team from Ocean Grove

Sat, Sept. 24:  Travel to Washington DC and tour the city

Sun, Sept. 25: Church service at Oakbrook, return to NJ

Mon, Sept. 26:  Evening with friends

Tues, Sept. 27:  Evening with friends

Wed, Sept. 28:  Day with guys from Greentree, Young Adults service in the evening

Thurs, Sept. 29: Meet with Absecon Methodist Church

Fri, Sept. 30:  Dinner with Pastor

Sat, Oct. 1: Travel to NYC

Sun, Oct. 2:  Morning worship at Greentree Church, small group meeting in the evening

Mon, Oct. 3:  Free time

Contact Colleen if you would like more details:  colleenmc818@comcast.net


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