This morning at staff devotions, some people shared testimonies about the wonderful things God is doing in their lives:

Sebastian- people have come to ASELSI because they have heard that real healing takes place there. My family has experienced God’s blessings in miraculous ways.

Carlos- we have been able to buy a house, thanks to God.  We have also seen physical healing in one of our family members.

Mariette- Jorge and Mike are attending graduations in Mexico.  The extension in Chichicastle is on an island.  The community is made up of a series of islands, and people travel by boat to get to the extension.  The evening Bible studies are held on each island, so that the people do not have to travel by boat at night.  Jorge and Mike are probably enjoying a lot of fresh fish during their time there!

Chepe- the graduations in the extensions will take place next month.  The students from many towns are very excited and are putting a lot of effort into having extra special graduation programs.

Jess- Jesus’ Little Lambs School has increased from 10 to 20 students this month.

Jennifer- we received a donation of 2 laptop computers for Jesus’ Little Lambs School

Emanuel- our friend Pastor Miguel Angel gives thanks to God for keeping him safe when he was traveling at night, and thanks us for our prayers for him.

Mariette- the Intercession class in ILIO has studied about different countries where there are no Christians, or where Christians are persecuted.  I am excited for them to have a passion for missions, beginning by praying for other countries.



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