Graduation at a Texas Extention

Graduates from IBEX-USA

ASELSI Bible Institute by Extension (IBEX) is growing in the United States!  The courses are offered in English or Spanish.  Just this week ASELSI’s second USA Extension opened up!  Check out the testimony:

Last night at Sinai Pentecostal Church about 28 people showed up, equally divided between men and women.  We held a 30 minute orientation, and then sent the students to their classes.  About 9 of the students attended our classes in Spanish, and the other 19 attended the classes in English.

This was a “God Thing”, because it is something that God really wants and He is seeing to it that it happens. What we are seeing is “natural growth” where the local people take ownership of the program and it grows naturally with no stress or worry on our part.  Yes, we need to keep providing the materials, insight, and advisory help but these are like drops of oil on a machine that was designed to work on its own because of its innate philosophy, methodology, and the blessing and anointing of God. We are rejoicing on this great start of 2 new extensions and we will be looking for even more fruit.


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