In the summer of 2008, Juan Salvador Grave arrived at the ASELSI clinic.  He had an infection in his right foot.  He arrived late in the day, and had to wait until the end of the clinic to be seen.  When I finally saw him, he removed his shoe and raised his pant leg.  His toes were black, and the leg was warm, red and swollen.  I tried to check pulses but his foot was so swollen I had to use a Doppler to hear a pulse.  I could see the foot and possibly the whole leg were going to need to be amputated.

Fast forward to the summer of 2011, on Monday when ASELSI sponsored a wheelchair give away in which 53 chairs were given to children and adults.  Juan Salvador Grave was one of the proud recipients of a wheel chair.

Juan told me that the day he had come to the ASELSI clinic, his family took him to the hospital that same day.  The surgeon told him if he would have waited one more day he would have died, because the infection was traveling so fast up his leg.  He has an above the knee amputation and said he was alive because of ASELSI. He brought a gift of apples to us to share with all the workers here.

On August 8th a team of 23 from New Jersey came with Chris Mooney of Bethel Ministries International of Chimaltenango.  They started at 9:30 am and worked until everyone was fitted for a wheelchair. What a blessing they were to the people here in Quiche. Everyone that came left with a huge smile and a hope for their future.

Cathy Hartle, FNP


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