A few weeks ago, I heard the great things happening in Christian’s family. Christian’s parents were not married.  In fact, when his dad realized his child had a disability, he did not want to have anything to do with his son.  Christian’s mother, however, loved her son and did everything she could for him, including bringing him to therapy regularly.  As our local worker talked to this mother, she became aware of the mother’s concern of the father’s disinterest in his child. Our local worker began to pray for Christian’s dad and the family.  A year later, something changed and Christian’s dad began showing an interest in his son.  Today, he brings him when the mother cannot and shows such pride in the few things his son can do.  This would be a great testimony in itself, but there is more.  The mother also confided with our worker that she really wanted to be legally married to Christian’s father.  Thanks to the prayers of this worker, the couple is now married.
However, your prayers are still needed.  Yesterday I learned that Christian’s father has had two major surgeries recently.  He is not doing well, they think he may die.  Many have come to pray with him, but he has been resistant to surrender his life to the Lord.  Please pray with us for the salvation and healing of Christian’s father and the entire family during this difficult time.  We are sending teams to encourage and pray for them and asking for God’s glory to shine through us and through them.


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