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All clinic construction came to a halt about 10 days ago due to the heavy rains inundating the inside of the clinic through the windows and then through a leak in the cement roof. We are ready to lay the floor tiles but have to wait until the sand on the floor and the walls dry. The contractor now wants to purchase and install the windows and doors before doing the floor and the drywall. That is putting us behind about 3 to 6 weeks. We are waiting on the bid for different types of windows/doors and will hopefully have enough funds to have them made. That was to be our last project for the first 2 phases of the building but instead will need to be done next. We still need to raise money for the purchase of wall tile for areas of high contamination, for purchase of toilets, sinks and plumbing supplies, and for the installation of counter tops. We do not have a bid on that yet.

We are waiting on a bid to finish off the last third of the building which will be for the Milk Program and the Physical Therapy Department. The outside walls are up but we still need the roof, the inside walls, stucco, flooring, windows and doors and drywall. We will also need to do the electric work for that area as well. The 2 towers still need to be worked on, the front entrance area, the outside stucco work, ramps for the PT area and probably some other small items in order to finish off the whole first floor of the building.  Thank you so much to those of you who are involved in the construction of the clinic!  We are so thankful for your generosity!  If you would like to be a part of the clinic construction, you can still participate in our matching grant campaign:


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