The months of May, June and July have been busy ones here at ASELSI!  This is the prime time for US teams to visit and assist with the ministry of ASELSI.  Groups vary in size (1 to 40 people), length of stay (a few days to several weeks), age (8 to 84 years old), and ministry (medical, dental, evangelism, children/youth ministry, discipleship, construction…),  But all of the members come with servant hearts, lots of energy and a desire to make a difference here in Guatemala. 

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Today a youth group of 18 people from Resurrection Life Church Ionia, Michigan is leaving after 8 days of service.  They distributed gifts and prayers to the patients in a local government hospital.  They taught a soccer clinic at a local public school.  Wednesday they took an all day bus ride through the mountains to Jacaltenango with a group of youth from a Chichi church to assist at a youth conference.  Back in Chichi on Friday, they built a bathroom for a local family and played soccer against the ASELSI staff (the game ended in a tie!).  They served the missionary community by having activities for the missionary kids during the 4th of July party, and later by leading worship at Missionary Church.  Throughout it all, their enthusiasm and joyful spirit prevailed.  What a blessing they were. 

At the same time a 3 member team from Oakbrook was at ASELSI, serving the staff in various ways.  The 2 men, Fritz and Rafael, helped to deal with the crisis of the rain leaking into the new clinic building, and helped with other much needed projects.  Fluent in Spanish, Rafael would also find time to pray with clinic patients he encountered throughout the day.  Sandra’s work varied, as she was assigned to help a different staff person each day.  Her smiling face as she went about her days encouraged us all!  The remaining Oakbrook team of 10 more joined them on Saturday.  Yesterday they all headed north to Sacapulas, Cotzal and Nebaj.  Together with local churches they will minister to the alcoholics, homeless and street people for the next few days.  Please pray for them that they would have safety and health while traveling, and spread the love of Christ as they offer friendship and food.

Thanks to all of you who have come so far this year.  We are excited for the teams who will still come this summer—another 4 groups by the end of August.  It is amazing to watch God at work through the faithfulness of His children!


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