The 6 month rainy season started in May and, now in July, we are beginning the heaviest part of the season which will last into October.

In the new clinic construction we were very excited because we were just about to install the floor tiles and then be able to install the drywall. All of the tile has been ordered as well as the other supplies for installation. We have to pay for the tile and supplies now. Thanks to your generosity and God’s faithfulness, we do have the money for the tile.

Over the last week it began to rain night after night and we realized that the roof is filtering water into the clinic. The problem has been located on the roof where it was not properly prepared for drainage. We will now need to spend almost $5,000 to fix the roof.

According to the contractor’s plan we were to put the windows and doors in last but the rain is also entering through the windows and is damaging some of the stucco. The humidity is affecting the walls as well, so we had to suspend the work of installing the floor and drywall until it dries. Because of the unexpected roof repair costs we will be short what we need to buy the windows and doors. We are not sure how much as the contractor is preparing several bids on different types of windows and doors.

The emergency plan is to put up plastic on the windows. The men began to repair everything today. Take a look at our photos to see what is happening. If any of you have been interested in helping with the construction, this would be a good time to give! The matching grant is still in place so your donation will go a long way! Check out our website for details on how to give:

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