Dear ASELSI Staff and Supporters,

Last week, Daniel and I traveled to Mexico to open a new extension in a church that is pastored by Jose and is part of a larger denomination called Senales de Vida.  Pastor Jose attended the ASELSI conference in March and heard about our program.  Daniel presented ASELSI to his church in April, and we opened the extension on May 29 with 18 students from 6 different local churches represented.

I taught on Genesis and Daniel taught on the Art of Communication.  The students were all excited about the program and washed our vehicle, fed us, and gave us a nice place to stay.  Daniel is hopeful that more extensions will open in this area in the near future and he is preparing ASELSI graduates to teach in these new locations.

A week before we arrived there was a drug-traffic related massacre in a neighboring town.  Mexico REALLY needs the teaching of the Gospel right now.  Please join with us to see these new extensions opened and transforming lives all over southern Mexico! (Stay tuned for photos from this trip later this month!)

Mike, International Director of ASELSI Bible Study Program

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