Every Thursday at ASELSI we have a medical clinic.  Sometimes patients arrive who need extra special care, and so ASELSI helps them find the hospitals and doctors that can serve them.  Benjamin wrote a testimony of one of the patients we have been able to help. 

Mary Pacajoj: A patient with a heart murmur.  We began the long process of treating her when she was just 5 months old.  She had various exams and many trips to the capital city to doctors, but her parents are very poor.  Thanks to God, her parents decided to fight and do everything necessary for the recuperation of their daughter.  At this time, she will need surgery, which is too expensive for the parents to pay for.  Please join us in praying that the parents will have trust, strength, and patience in the Lord.  Pray that God will provide the necessary resources for her to have the surgery.

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