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Four years ago, one of our contacts in Texas, after looking over our Bible study program said, “We need this here in the United States.  There are so many new Christians in the church that know nothing of the Bible.”  But all of our ASELSI material was in Spanish!  We went to work translating the 14 courses of our basic level studies into English from Spanish, and in the spring of 2009, the first ASELSI study extension in the USA opened.  The bilingual format was an instant success, and on Saturday, May 21st, the first 11 students graduated from the program.

Jorge and Mariette came from Guatemala and taught at a mini conference.  Mike preached the commencement message and the entire ASELSI faculty participated in the graduation exercises with 70 people in attendance.  Mike’s dad, Jack, was the local coordinator for the extension.  Many shared testimonies of how the ASELSI courses had changed the student’s lives and how they are using the materials to teach in local juvenile detention centers and housing projects.  At least 5 people have been saved through studying ASELSI materials so far!

There is a lot of interest in the ASELSI materials and for the opening of a new extension center in 2012 in the San Marcos area.  The San Marcos extension was one of our most racially integrated with Hispanic, African, Asian and Caucasian students from three different churches gathering each Monday night to study God’s Word.  May God continue to bless the efforts of the ASELSI graduates in the USA as they spread the message of God’s love all over Central Texas.


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