Belajuyape is near the Mexican border

At the end of January I (Jorge) traveled to Belajuyape, in the northwest of Guatemala. It is a distance of 269 miles, through mountains and valleys; parts of the road are paved, other parts are not. It took us 10 hours to get there.

It is a region with little rain so it was very dusty, and in the hotels there was no water pressure.  For that reason the hotels were very dirty, with the smell of urine everywhere and very dirty bathrooms, because there was no way to clean them without water. To make it worse there were fleas as well.

But I want to tell you about more positive things…. When we started the classes we gave the pastors and leaders a biblical devotion book to help them develop a daily devotion time. I explained to them how to use the books. To my surprise the brothers touched the books as if they were a great treasure! It is so simple to make people happy. (In the picture you can see the pastors caressing the books).

The pastors with their new books

That makes me think how we can help leader and Pastors in the rural areas where not even one library exists. I would like to buy books in order to have a “Moving Library”.  I am still thinking about it, what is the best way to serve God in those “middle-of-no-where” areas? Thank you for your prayers.


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