Several months ago I went with a team to visit a very needy family here in town.  The mother, whose drunken husband had abandoned the family, had six children to support on her own, most of them small.  The oldest had already married and had a baby but was living with her mother again because her young husband had died.  Her father-in-law also lived with them, all in a one-room house that they had just moved into and were renting.  They had no food in the house, no money to pay the rent, and just a few ragged clothes.  The visiting team took them a basketful of basic food items and gave enough money for them to pay their rent for the month.

Every year one of my jobs is to give shoes to all the children who are in the milk program.  I have an inventory of shoes and socks that churches in the U.S. ship down for us to hand out to the children.  Last week I had the privilege of fitting this family’s five little ones with new shoes.  You would think I had given them the world.  Each child’s face lit up when I gave him or her new shoes, and they did not complain about the color or the style or ask for a different pair.  They were grateful for what they were given and overcome with joy at the simple gift.  Days like those make living here so incredibly worth it!


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