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The 2011 Pastor’s Conference at ASELSI was INCREDIBLE!  Thank you so much for your prayers!  We began the Conference on Friday morning, and enjoyed an excellent opening sermon from John Harvey, who set the stage for the whole conference as he spoke about the end-time harvest.  In the afternoon we attended seminars taught by pastors from Guatemala, United States, and Mexico.  They all gave practical, Biblical strategies for how to grow your church, and reach the lost for Christ.  On Friday night and Saturday morning Mike McComb spoke, bringing a fresh perspective to Song of Songs 5, Proverbs 31, and Ezekiel 37 as they relate to the corporate church as the bride of Christ. The worship team (from several local churches) was on fire, and led us in moving times of worship.  The Holy Spirit fell in an amazing way on both Friday and Saturday, and people were healed, people began speaking in tongues, and people felt a call to go to the nations as missionaries!  The word from God that was the strongest was that God is calling men and women from Guatemala to go the nations.  That means that we need to pray for those people, and decide how God will want us to prepare and train them so that we can send them to the mission field in the near future.

God also showed his healing power in the Conference!  Sharon began to feel chest pain on Wednesday night, and went to the doctor on Thursday.  He told her that she appeared to be in the beginning stages of a heart attack!  He recommended that she travel to Guatemala City (3-4 hours away) to see a cardiologist.  So Cathy drove Sharon to Guatemala City on Thursday, and they went straight to the Emergency Room.  They kept Sharon over night, and on Friday morning did more tests, only to find that she had nothing wrong with her heart!  Rejoicing, Sharon and Cathy returned to Chichi, and were at the Conference by Friday evening!  Sharon shared this testimony with everyone on Friday night, and we rejoiced with her!  Praise God for all he did at the Conference!

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  1. Kyle Huber says:

    Wonderful pictures, it makes me excited to see you in August. Praise God for His mercies with Sharon! Tell Miguel Angel I think he looks VERY sharp in his suit. We love you all!!

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