In February we had a parent´s meeting for the parents of the children who attend Jesus’ Little Lambs School.  We explained that all the children would receive a free membership to the ASELSI Library, which has around 180 children´s books. Most of the parents never have read a book in their lives themselves, let alone read to their children. Many of the mothers cannot read, or do not understand the Spanish language. We explained to them that they can “read” a book, just looking at the pictures and making up a story about them with their kids.

So, it was an experiment to see if they were going to be interested at all. Well, the parents are, the kids are, and other family members are, too! We see most of them checking out 2 books every week to take home! Sometimes they simply choose the books with the most beautiful pictures, but sometimes they are looking for something special, like books about animals, or books with Bible stories. We know that their brothers and sisters read the books as well (and sometimes they are the only ones at home that actually can read). We hope that the books will help the parents to spend time with their kids at home, teaching them new words or new concepts, in whatever language they use.

While the students are in class, we put the box with books out where the moms and dads (and aunts, uncles, and even cousins) are waiting, and every week they are reading (or looking at) the books during that hour!

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