Many of you have been praying for Manuel, who has worked at ASELSI for the past three years.  He had cancer, and praise God the doctors were able to do surgery and remove the cancer in September of 2010.  Yesterday he started radiation treatments for 3-4 weeks.  He is currently in the capital city, living with his extended family, while he completes his treatment.  Manuel and his wife Maria Encarnacion have one child, Gerson Josue.

Here is an excerpt from Manuel’s testimony from our February Newsletter:  September 16th was the day of my surgery, and the following day when I arrived at my house, I was filled with great joy, first to be able to be with my family again, but also I began to think about my experience.  I thought to myself, “Why did this have to happen to me?  What will my future hold?  How will my recovery go? How will I be able to return to work?” and in my mind I said, “If God has already shown his power in my life, I know he will be able to help me recuperate.”

Please continue to lift up Manuel, Maria, and Gerson in your prayers!


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