Mike and Jose overlooking Otavalo, Ecuador in 2010

We are about to embark on another journey to Ecuador. I am blessed at the progressed we have made over the past three years. I am convinced there needs to be a break through on a larger scale. The first trip there I was met with indifference and arrogance. The pastors there had no idea who I was or who ASELSI was. We were just another in the long line of offers to educate their leadership. The decision makers met with me and decided, if ASELSI could pay them to come to our classes they thought it was a good opportunity to study. After all, we were going to take pictures, raise money and they wanted a percent of the earnings. They showed no interest in growth or anointing.

I saw the church in general as apathetic towards transforming their society or effectively evangelizing their cities. There is a need for a complete paradigm change. They have focused in on political influence as a Quichua Indian entity. They are more interested in their rights then their role in the kingdom of God.

José is a man with a vision. He is helping us find the places where men and women want Biblical education and Spiritual transformation. Now the task is, finding God’s men and women that will help initiate this change that will result in a powerful harvest for the churches and the Kingdom of God.

Pray with us to this end, that God will bring His leaders to study and they will bring about change that will impact the Quichua culture with a Kingdom culture, and that we will see a harvest of souls coming to Christ.




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